Skin Diagnosis

Our goal is to prevent not yet visible skin problems to keep your skin always smooth and spotless.

Using Video microscope to look deeper into your skin Elisabeth Kiss Euro-Skin Care Institute provides unique Facial Treatments and early diagnosis for:

  • Aging Spot
  • Dehydration
  • Couperose
  • Skin texture

Our process

After studying your skin condition with Video Microscope, we offer overall health and skin care solution based on your DNA (using Genewize life science). You will find answers about:

  • how quickly your skin ages based on your genes;
  • how much environmental damage your skin has been through;
  • your skin’s collagen breakdown;
  • your skin’s anti-inflammatory (couperose) tendency;
  • and oxidative stress.

Having images of your skin form video microscope, and Genwize DNA test will help you choose the right treatment to prevent your hidden skin surprises showing on the surface.

We’ve partnered with Dr. James C. Wu – a double board certified facial plastic surgeon - who will consult you about non-surgical solution with Sciton Laser:

  • photo-facial laser to remove brown spots on your face, neck, hands, arms, chest and back;
  • weekend peel or the ablative peel laser to remove dead skin, cancerous lesions, remove fine lines around your mouth and eyes;
  • “laser lipo” for underarms, “love-handles”, legs and buttocks;
  • broad band light to improve the texture of your face/body and to remove spots.

We provide series of treatments to calm your skin and speedup healing process after any laser procedure.

Photo Laser photo gallery:

Sciton Photo Laser Treatment


Sciton Photo Laser Treatment


Sciton Photo Laser Treatment


Sciton Photo Laser Treatment


Sciton Photo Laser Treatment